The Service Parents’ Guide to Boarding Schools aims at helping Armed Forces personnel choose a UK boarding school, using the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) available to them.

Not everybody wants to board, but the alternative of moving school with every change of posting seriously disrupts continuity of education. In contrast a boarding school can offer the prospect of longer term continuity and a stable environment providing more opportunities to develop all round potential.

This site contains a searchable database of the main Independent girls, boys, and co-educational schools ,the MoD (Armed Services) schools and colleges and the Maintained boarding schools. The schools database also includes coverage of special education needs boarding and details of the principal schools offering awards for the children of Armed Forces’ parents. The Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) provides advice on the education of Service children. The Service Children’s Education (SCE) is an agency of the MoD dedicated to the education of Service children outside the United Kingdom. Use our UK School Search to find boarding school or use our map search here. Alternatively visit our sister website ukbsa the home of the official UK Boarding School Association for more boarding schools, news and advice.

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