Pupils and Parents

How boarding schools work out in practice, from the child and parents point of view.

  • Service Schools Vignette Colin and Jo Munce

    Colin and Jo Munce have a daughter at Brockhurst and Marlston House School in Hermitage, Berkshire.

    Our daughter Esme was only eight years old when she was about to start her third school, and with another posting on the horizon, it was only a matter of time before that became the fourth, fifth and sixth.  It was clearly taking a toll on all of us and we decided, with some trepidation, that boarding would provide us the continuity and stability of education we sought.

  • Pupils

    The pupils

    We have again included a ‘Pupils and parents’ section, which we believe provides some of the most compelling reading in the Guide. For those thinking about boarding, it is a marvellously positive advert for one of the real beacons of British education and a great credit to the whole of the boarding sector. Here is a small cross-section of the many contributions we have received from those currently boarding in the UK. We thank all those who contributed and we believe they are a great credit to their schools and to boarding in all schools. 

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