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Gender Mixed
Age 3 - 18
Type Boarding Day School Weekly Boarding
Size 650
Bursaries Available

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of excellence in many different disciplines.  Awards are not means-tested and are open to internal and external candidates.

Scholarships do not necessarily carry a financial reward but will allow the student access to a higher performance programme.

Academic, music, sport, art and drama scholarships are available all year around. However, the number of awards per year is finite so we advise applying early in the year.

Headteacher: Phillip Stapleton

Open Days & Events

OPEN DAY – 6th May

We are very excited to invite you to our Open Day Monday 6th May, from 9.30am. This is always a busy event so please register quickly to make sure you’re on the list! Or, if you aren’t able to join us on the day, please email to book a meeting or call with our Admissions team.

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In addition to our Scholarship opportunities, we may be able to provide support through means-tested Bursaries. There are only limited funds available for this, so it is not guaranteed. Once you have an offer of a place, if you need it, this is the time to apply for a bursary. All bursaries are subject to means testing and availability.

Another route to financial assistance is through the Foundation who have a limited number of Transformational Bursaries.

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West Buckland School

West Buckland, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 0SX

West Buckland School

West Buckland, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 0SX

At West Buckland School, we proudly stand among the leading independent schools in the UK, for boys and girls aged 3 to 18. Our ethos distinguishes us, as we prioritise shaping the school experience around each child. With a commitment to exceptional teaching, we place the child at the heart of all we do. Our ultimate goal is to empower every individual to discover their unique excellence.

Head's Welcome

Academic excellence is the heart of a West Buckland education because it opens doors in pupils’ lives. Our pupils challenge their knowledge and develop as balanced, accomplished individuals who can make a difference.

Our pupils gain the confidence to believe in their abilities to tackle the future, to make sound judgements and to resist the temptation to play safe. Through Christian values they learn to respect others, to be ambitious with a clear sense of purpose and to develop a balanced view of life. They are encouraged to be trail-blazers and to change expectations.

Community life can rarely be captured on a website. The only way to get a genuine feel for what we believe in and what we do is to visit, and meet the people who are the beating heart of the school.

Phillip Stapleton, Senior School Head.


At West Buckland School, we proudly rank among the top independent schools in the UK, catering to boys and girls aged 3 to 18. What sets us apart is our ethos, which revolves around tailoring the school experience to each child. With a steadfast dedication to exceptional teaching, we place the child at the forefront of everything we do. Our ultimate aim is to empower every individual to unlock their unique potential.

We believe in a curriculum that is both dynamic and innovative, reflecting the rapidly changing world around us. Central to our mission is a deep commitment to shaping not only academic achievements but also the character and identity of our students. As they prepare to venture beyond our school gates into the wider world, they emerge as well-rounded individuals, fully equipped for the challenges ahead.

Learning extends far beyond the confines of the classroom at West Buckland School. Our extensive extra-curricular programme offers a diverse array of opportunities, meticulously designed to stretch children beyond their comfort zones and foster their resilience. Through participation in various activities, students not only hone their skills but also cultivate a genuine appreciation for collaboration and teamwork, all while discovering and nurturing their passions.

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