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Gender Mixed
Age 2 - 18
Type Boarding Day School Flexi-Boarding Weekly Boarding
Bursaries Available

Wells Cathedral School, Somerset –  generous financial discounts offered to the sons and daughters of serving members of the Armed Forces.

Alastair Tighe

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Wells Cathedral School

The Liberty, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2ST

Wells Cathedral School

The Liberty, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2ST

Wells Cathedral School welcomes families from the Armed Forces from all over the world. We are a family-orientated co-educational boarding and day school for 2-18 year olds which provides an all-round education alongside world-class Specialist Music and Chorister training.  We are located in the heart of the medieval, cathedral city of Wells and surrounded by wonderful countryside where our children can enjoy the fresh air, green fields, open spaces and freedom in a safe environment.

Head Master

Children have been educated at Wells Cathedral School for over a thousand years, in what has to be one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring locations. But while a sense of place provides something crucial as a child grows up and learns about themselves and the world in which they live, it is even more important that every child feels comfortable and secure enough to be able to discern, explore and test their own talents and interests.

Grounded in a timeless tradition and ethos since its origins as a chorister school, yet adept enough to relish the challenges of the 21st century, Wells Cathedral School provides an encouraging and ambitious education for every child. I look forward to welcoming you to the School to find out more about the education we offer all our pupils here, and from which your own children could especially benefit.


We are the only school in the UK that offers specialist music pre-professional training within a dynamic school where specialists can learn alongside non-specialists studying the national curriculum. All pupils benefit from this unique combination; specialists remain grounded and non-specialists can take advantage of the extra opportunities our music programme creates. We provide a flexible education so that specialists and non-specialists alike can make the most of their time at school and have a brilliant foundation to build on as an adult. We don’t have a “one-size fits all” mentality; we have a “let’s work out what’s best for your future” mentality.

Our purpose is to ensure all members of our community have a sense of belonging and are contented, balanced and confident individuals who have the necessary tools to live safe, joyful and fulfilling lives. We understand growing up is a learning process – young adults will make mistakes and need to be allowed to learn from them in a safe, supportive environment. We seek to make sure that all members of the community have a high level of spiritual awareness, emotional intelligence and self control and are also active and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to the school and the wider world.

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