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Gender Mixed
Age 0 - 18
Type Boarding Day School Weekly Boarding
Size 1,135
Bursaries Available

A 10% discount from full boarding fees, including tuition, is available to all parents who are currently serving in the British Armed Forces, this is The Albert Ball Scholarship.

Bill Penty

Open Days & Events

Personal tours of the school and a variety of open events are available throughout the year, giving families the opportunity to experience Trent College first-hand. Discover how we can help your child go further in their education at our next Whole School Open Morning on Saturday 7th March.

Open Event

Scholarships & Bursaries

From Bursary Schemes to tailored payment plans, we aim to assist families in making Trent College an affordable and accessible option.

Financial Planning

Contact Details

Trent College Independent School

Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG10 4AD

Trent College Independent School

Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG10 4AD

At Trent College, every day brings new opportunities to go further in the pursuit of your goals and passions. Set within a safe, secure 45-acre campus, Trent College is home to a happy and welcoming school community where every child can flourish.

We encourage our pupils to aim as high as they can, to be inquisitive, confident, and ambitious; at the same time, we urge them not to fear failure and to see challenge and adversity as opportunities, not obstacles. All this we do both in the classroom but also through the richness and diversity of school life that lies beyond.


150 Years of Pupil Success

Trent College is known for its modern outlook and traditional foundations. With a rich heritage dating back to 1868, we are a well-established school with a reputation for providing an exceptional, all-round education. We are proud to have a longstanding history of supporting families in the forces with their educational needs.

Balance to Achieve

A successful education is all about balance. Our individual approach and combination of academic stretch and support in the classroom enable every pupil to reach their potential. We promote a healthy balance between work and play in the boarding houses with pupils benefiting from supervised homework time as well as an exciting Boarders’ Activity Programme.

A Boarding Option for Every Family

Modern-day boarding is about helping pupils become the best they can be through first-class care. Our flexible boarding programme is designed to meet the unique needs of every pupil and every family. Whether you choose flexi, weekly or full boarding, your child will benefit from living and learning in a supportive environment where they can develop the skills and knowledge they need for a future filled with possibilities.

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