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Gender Mixed
Age 3 - 18
Type Boarding Day School
Size Stonyhurst College (13 – 18 years) - 518 pupils, of which 357 board • Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall (3 – 13 years) – 277 pupils, of which 72 board
Bursaries Available

Means tested bursaries
Generous forces bursaries

Mr John Browne at Stonyhurst College • Fr. Christopher Cann at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall

Open Days & Events

Stonyhurst Sixth Form Open Eve – Thursday 21st September

Stonyhurst Prep School Open Day – Saturday 7th October

Stonyhurst College Open Day – Saturday 14th October

Open Days


Scholarships are available in Academics, Drama & Theatre, Music and Sport (rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and tennis) at Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12 entry.

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Stonyhurst College and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall

Clitheroe , Lancashire, BB7 9PZ

Stonyhurst College and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall

Clitheroe , Lancashire, BB7 9PZ

Heads Welcome

Stonyhurst is a school which constantly looks to innovate and use its history and traditions as a lens on the present and the future.  At the heart of everything we do is delivering an exceptional education for our pupils and ensuring that their formation, both inside and outside of the classroom, is the best in the world. We empower them to be the best that they can be, shaping leaders of the future.


Stonyhurst College, together with its preparatory school Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, is a leading independent co-educational Catholic day and boarding school for 3 – 18 year olds, with boarding available from 7 years.

At Stonyhurst College and Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall, we understand what it means to be part of a Forces Family, for both the children and the parents. With a long tradition of welcoming armed forces families, Stonyhurst encourages individuality and the opportunity for children to become all that they can be.

We recognise that forces life can disrupt continuity of education for children and that a long-term, stable environment provides more opportunities to develop all round potential. Living in a supportive and diverse community, our pupils develop those qualities of character that will distinguish them in later life as men and women for others.


Why choose Stonyhurst for your family?

  • British Boarding Community. Stonyhurst is a British Boarding School built on tradition, with a long history of welcoming Forces Families. The majority of our boarders are British, with our international community being formed by 26 different nationalities, with a cap of 10% of any one nationality.
  • Strong Academic Results. At the heart of everything that we do is delivering an exceptional education for our pupils and ensuring that their formation, both inside and outside of the classroom, is the best in the world. Teachers walk alongside the pupils to support them throughout their academic journey at Stonyhurst. Stonyhurst supports gifted and talented children, giving them opportunities to flourish in their chosen pathways and challenging them to be the best that they can be.
  • Over 75 Co-curricular Activities on Offer. We have a fantastic choice of sporting, creative and academic co-curricular activities, including the Combined Cadet Force and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. Dance and horse riding are available for certain year groups. There is something for all interests and abilities!
  • Extensive and Varied Weekend Provision. With a rich and fulfilling programme of evening and weekend entertainment and activities to enjoy, your child’s time as a boarder will be fun packed and rewarding.
  • Unparalleled Facilities include a nine-hole golf course, an LTA-registered tennis dome that houses two Grand-Slam tennis courts, an observatory, and a unique collection of collections and artifacts in Stonyhurst’s historic museum.
  • Excellent Pastoral Care. At Stonyhurst we believe in cura personalis or ‘care for the whole person’. With the support of their Assistant Head and House Parents, our boarders are guaranteed to find a caring and supportive environment in which they can thrive and settle very quickly.
  • Strong Links with Forces Families, including our alumni and current families. Forces families have been part of Stonyhurst for many years and contribute greatly to our community.
  • Accompanied Travel to/from London and main airports.
  • Onsite Accommodation for Visiting Forces Families. At Stonyhurst, we are lucky to have access to Theodore House for parents who are visiting their children if they wish to stay overnight. This wonderful building sits on the Stonyhurst estate, right next to the school. This affordable facility is ideal for families to stay together at the weekend or end of term.
  • No tolerance mobile phone policy. At our Preparatory School, we operate a zero tolerance mobile phone policy and one that is unique to each year group as they progress to the College.

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