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Gender Mixed
Age 11 - 18
Type Boarding Day School Weekly Boarding
Size 18
Bursaries Available

Sport and Music Scholarships are offered to students demonstrating excellence and potential. Scholars followed Good to Great programmes to enhance their development. Bursaries are also available.

HeadteacherAndrew Moss

Open Days & Events

Open Days are held in the Autumn Term in September, October and November. Tours of the school and talks are also available online through the website

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Gordon’s School

West End, Surrey Heath, Surrey, GU24 9PT

Gordon’s School

West End, Surrey Heath, Surrey, GU24 9PT

A non-selective state boarding school, Gordon’s School was established in 1885 at the behest of Queen Victoria and has since developed into one of the leading boarding schools in the UK. Situated in 50-acres of beautiful grounds with generous facilities, we seek to provide a world-class education that ensures all students learn how to be the best they can be.

Head's Welcome

Our philosophy at Gordon’s is that a good education is more than just the best possible examination results, it is a thorough preparation for a successful life. My aim is for every student to leave here confident and grounded, accomplished and eager to make their mark in the world while making a positive difference to the lives of others.


Officially listed as one of Britain’s outstanding schools by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Gordon’s recognises that a good education is not just about outstanding examination results but a thorough preparation for life; it is about providing opportunities and experiences for all young people to find their talents and interests, develop good character, become accomplished and achieve across a range of disciplines and ultimately develop the confidence to go and make their mark in the world.

The real judgement of Gordon’s is the students. All who visit are struck by the friendliness, discipline and vibrancy throughout the school and by the family atmosphere, exemplified by the special rapport between staff and students. This is borne from a community that strives: to live with integrity, to be courteous, enthusiastic and diligent, even in adversity.

As parents, we wish our children to grow up to lead fulfilled lives, enjoy healthy lifestyles and make a positive contribution to the wider world. At Gordon’s we want nothing less. We want Gordon’s to be recognised as one of the finest schools in the world, not just for our achievements, but for the calibre of young people we develop and the difference they make to the lives of others.

Whole School Video 2019

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