School Data

Gender Mixed
Age 3-13, Boarding 7-13
Type Boarding Day School Flexi-Boarding Weekly Boarding
Size 170
Bursaries Available

We have a range of scholarships and bursaries which are allocated on an individual basis. Please enquire for more information.

Headmaster:Mr Marke Howe

Open Days & Events

Visiting one of our open days will give you a true taste of what it is like to be at FSM. You will meet a range of staff including the Headmaster, as well as have a tour from our current prefects.



We have a range of scholarships and bursaries which are allocated on an individual basis. Please enquire for more information.


Contact Details

Forres Sandle Manor School

Station Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 1NS

Forres Sandle Manor School

Station Road, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 1NS

FSM is a small school nestled on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. We pride ourselves on our focus on a culture of wellbeing – because we know that children who are prepared for the real-world can also thrive academically.


Forres Sandle Manor, a vibrant day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 2-16, set in an idyllic 35-acre campus on the outskirts of the river town of Fordingbridge, in the heart of the New Forest. With an average class size of less than 15 across the whole school, everyone at Forres Sandle Manor is well known and nobody is left out. Our school is full of kind, caring and hard-working pupils and inspirational teachers who help to instil a love of learning in all that they do.

Forres Sandle Manor has a rich history and heritage as well as a hugely exciting future.  I arrived to commence my third independent school headship in the summer of 2022 with a vision to ensure we continue to give the young people in our care an outstanding educational provision every day, but equally to focus on preparing them to be happy and successful as they forge their own futures in the fast-paced and inter-connected world of the 21st Century.  As part of this, FSM will have its first GCSE examination cohort graduating in the summer of 2027 and I am currently in the process of developing plans to further improve our facilities, starting with a new STEAM building (further details to follow in the coming months).

Our school is growing whilst remaining true to what makes it so special now.  New pupils and parents frequently comment on the ‘feel’ of the school but also on the space and quality of the facilities on our campus.  We pride ourselves on offering our pupils a huge breadth of opportunity to discover and become the best version(s) of themselves, through an expansive curriculum built upon excellent progress in English, Mathematics and Science but which also sees some of our very youngest children receive weekly specialist teaching in music, sport (including swimming), French/Spanish, dance and computing to name but a few.

We are just as ambitious outside of the classroom, and our pupils also benefit from the huge breadth of our co-curricular programme, which includes (for day pupils) optional enrichment sessions after school and on Saturday mornings (many at no extra cost to parents), as well as offering a home-from-home environment for pupils from Year 3 and above who wish to board, either on a flexi, weekly or full-time basis within the main Manor House.

Above all, our ambition is not to make our pupils fit a pre-defined view of what they should be. We believe in getting to know every pupil and using our school to inspire them to achieve more than they previously thought possible. We want them to leave us believing there are no limits to what they can achieve, for themselves and for others.


Set in 35 acres on the edge of the small picturesque town of Fordingbridge, FSM has a community feel about it – where all teachers and pupils know each other well.

We have a lively Boarding House for children from age 7+, all living on the top floor of the Jacobian Manor House. Boarding children enjoy a wide range of evening activities, ‘Wicked Wednesday’s’ and Sunday activities. With many of our boarding children being full-time, it does not feel empty at weekends.

FSM has a long and proud association with military families. House parents and matrons are experienced in supporting military children throughout their time at the School. Help is given to boarders to keep in touch with loved ones wherever they might be in the world, provide a listening ear, advice and support and are always on hand round-the-clock…and even a hug when it is needed! We run a highly successful Supporting Active Services group where military children across year groups come together to support each other in similar circumstances.

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