School Data

Gender Mixed
Age 2 - 16
Type Boarding Day School Weekly Boarding
Size 544
Bursaries Available

We offer 10% discount to Military families.

We also offer bursaries, depending on your financial need these discounts are usually in the range of 5-15%.

Headteacher: Mrs Sophie Savage

Open Days & Events

We warmly encourage you to join us for an individual visit or open day and see for yourself why the children are so happy and successful here.

  • Open Morning Dates
    • Friday 3rd May 2024

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Boundary Oak School

Roche Court, Pook Lane, Fareham, PO17 5BL

Boundary Oak School

Roche Court, Pook Lane, Fareham, PO17 5BL

Boundary Oak School thrives as a happy and successful co-educational school for children aged 2 – 16 years. Set in the heart of Hampshire, nestled in 30-acres of quintessentially English countryside, the outdoors plays a huge role in providing our pupils an awe-inspiring setting; a canvas that can only inspire.

The broad curriculum allows pupils to develop their intellectual curiosity, freedom of thought and expression, while the idyllic setting ensures every child at Boundary Oak has a childhood that is every parent’s dream.

Headteacher's Welcome

Boundary Oak is full of wonder and potential – the family ethos, the warmth of the school’s atmosphere and community, the beautiful rural setting steeped in history makes for a special school experience. Often described as more than just a school but a lifestyle.  Pupils at Boundary Oak are provided a truly enriching education. A space to develop passions for learning, a capacity for independent thinking and the ability to pursue dreams, be it creative arts, sport or exploring the world around us – such opportunities will always be supported. My desire is that every child who joins us at Boundary Oak develops the confidence to take risks, explores all the opportunities on offer and has a happy, fulfilled, and successful childhood.


At Boundary Oak School, we strive to give our pupils an innovative and tailored education through the broadest curriculum possible. We want our pupils to be happy and successful and through the personalised learning we provide, every pupil is supported within a familial community that fosters an enjoyment of learning. We want children to believe in their own gifts and abilities, encouraging them to flourish as they enjoy the richness and variety of their education. Through a growth and excellence mindset, we equip pupils with the foundation and skills in which to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, imaginative and innovative, leaving us with broad horizons.

We are fortunate to have the site which we do; we certainly make the most of it, with the children out and about at every opportunity, playing in their free time, doing games, or outdoor learning. The learning that takes place at Boundary Oak happens organically; we believe school subjects should not be restricted to the classroom but be brought to life in every aspect of our lives.

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