Two Tonbridge boys selected for prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad



Tonbridge boys Isaac King and Alex Chui will be taking part in one of the most prestigious Maths competitions in the world this summer.

Both have been selected to represent the UK at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in July, and will be flying to Japan in order to compete. The boys previously attended the IMO selection camp at Trinity College, Cambridge, and based on their strong performances they were chosen for the six-person UK team.

James Ashton, Head of Mathematics, said: “It is extremely rare for any school in any country to be providing two of the six contestants selected for the IMO, and so this is a fine achievement by the boys and by Tonbridge. It is an exciting prospect to see these talented mathematicians take to the international stage.”

Held annually, the IMO is the premier ‘World Championship’ Maths competition for senior school students. The first IMO, which took place in 1959, saw seven countries participating; it has since expanded to more than 100 countries across five continents.

Last term, Alex and Isaac were also selected to represent the UK at the Romanian Master of Mathematics competition. Alex was awarded a Silver medal and Isaac a Bronze.

Following his outstanding result in the Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad, Ralph Edmonson (OH3) has been invited to attend the renowned UK Mathematics Trust Oxford Olympiad Camp, which takes place in August at Queen’s College, Oxford.

This is the fifth consecutive year Tonbridge is sending a student to this camp.

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