Historic Military Skills Brigade Win for Adams CCF



In a tight competition, against ten teams, Haberdashers’ Adams CCF (Army Section) won this year’s Military Skills Competition for the Brigade area – by one point! It has been some time since a CCF team has won the competition, with the honours usually going to ACF teams, so this is a real achievement. The team of ten was ably lead by Cadet Warrant Officer Will Dally, outgoing Senior Cadet in Year 13. Major Ballard provides an account of the weekend:

Day One
Reveille was at 0600 on a beautifully clear and frosty morning. After breakfast and the first briefing of the day, the team kicked off with the Observation Post stand where they were tested on effective communication as well as their ability to move stealthily into a position to study the enemy. The team “Joker” was played (doubling the team score on that stand) and it proved to be a crucial decision in the
final outcome. Subsequent stands tested practical skills, leadership, decision making, clear and effective communication, coding messages and finally first aid – in a mass casualty scenario. This scenario would have tested the vast majority of people and, for me, encapsulated the many skills we aim to develop in our young people. The team ended day one in second place; four points behind Warwickshire ACF, B Company.

Day Two
Reveille was again at 0600 and the cadets were efficient in making sure that they had fed themselves, packed, loaded the minibus and patrolled the kilometre to the morning assembly point by 0720 to be ready for the final phases of the event. First up was the loaded march, which tested memory and team discipline. Here, the aim was to not lose any valuable points from day one. The team then divided into two for the shooting element, either on the laser clay shooting or simulator for the assault rifle. “There is no question that the cadets worked very hard to make this win happen, and for most at a crucial time in their academic career. They performed admirably and maintained a positive attitude throughout. It was fantastic to listen to the aspirations, ideas and plans of the cadets. It wasn’t all about them, but also how they could develop others and get them involved in future successes and opportunities.” Major Ballard

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