Boarding School allows a sense of place



With both Parents having been in the Army, ‘home’ has changed frequently. In the 4 years since I joined Sherborne, I have lived in four different houses in three different countries. During my GCSE year alone, I moved house (and country) each term: Christmas Term – UK, Easter Term – Italy; Summer Term – Germany.

While my family has moved across Europe, Sherborne has been a constant. Full boarding has meant that my educational experience has been un-interrupted by moves that might otherwise have severely disrupted my progress. As an overseas boarder, full-boarding Sherborne is perfect as everyone is ‘in’ on the weekends thus there is a fantastic communal atmosphere and despite living a great distance away I feel that I do not miss out on not having my family nearby. It is great also not to be in an Army environment all the time.

As an all-boys school, the link with the nearby Sherborne School for Girls gives balance and allows me to see my sister while simultaneously giving us distance (so that I do not need to see my sister!). Sherborne’s proximity to the train line is also great as it allows me to commute to London and gives access to airports, allowing me to travel to and from Heathrow and Gatwick with ease when travelling home.

Caspar B is in the Sixth Form at Sherborne School, Dorset

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