School Data

Gender Mixed
Age 14 - 19
Type Boarding
Size 300 students
Headteacher - Mark Howe

Contact Details

EF Academy Torbay

EF House, Castle Road, Torquay,

EF Academy Torbay

EF House, Castle Road, Torquay,
EF Academy International Boarding Schools opens a world of opportunities for high school students by providing them with a superior secondary school education, thorough university preparation and access to a future that knows no borders. At EF Academy Torbay, our campus extends beyond the classrooms into the quaint town in which the school is nestled. The community – made up of students, school staff and locals – has often been described as a family and students feel very much at home in this nurturing learning environment. Students can live in off-campus residences with their classmates and house parents, or they can stay with a local host family where they benefit from full immersion into English culture and language.

Heads Welcome

Welcome to EF Academy where we believe in every student’s ability to succeed and empower them to do so through our renowned curricula, as well as quality relationships with teachers and mentors. With a student body made up of 75 nationalities, multilingualism and intercultural exchange are built into every course. With over 50+ years of university admissions advising experience, we provide personal guidance and support along the journey to university. Whatever your aspirations, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and realize your dreams. – Mark Howe


Life on England’s south coast

Torbay’s coffee shops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants are just a stroll away from campus. Here, you will experience how students and locals weave together to create a tight-knit, welcoming community. On weekends, students often enjoy exploring nearby Babbacombe Beach, the harbor or going horseback riding. You will also have opportunities to go on teacher-led trips to Exeter and London.

The town as your campus

Student life at EF Academy Torbay is varied, exciting and stimulating. We have built strong links with local businesses in the community that open their doors to our students. As an EF Academy student, you have free access to the local rock climbing and cycling centers, the gym and swimming pool, and you can receive discounts at some cafes and restaurants, just by showing your school identification. School staff also organize themed Enrichment Weeks that are designed to develop students’ academic understanding through co-curricular activities and cultural trips. Each enrichment Week focuses on a subject area final year take part in “higher education days,” which include visiting universities to learn more about the application process and what to expect at university.

Explore the UK university scene

If your interest is to continue on with university studies in the United Kingdom, our academic staff can prepare you for the exams you need and they will also take you on campus tours of the universities in the area. The UK’s efficient train system allows for easy university visits to Bristol, Southampton, Exeter, as well as to London, Oxford and Cambridge.

All-around inspiration

Our on-campus facilities have been designed to inspire you. The art studio has large windows that face the sea – perfect for landscape study. The purpose-build physics, biology and chemistry labs are ideal for conducting experiments and research in class and with study groups. EF Academy Torbay is located on top of a hill and its most prominent feature is its modern-day castle where several classrooms are housed. From its outdoor terrace, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town of Torquay and the sea below. Our residences provide a comfortable place you can call home. Here you can also take part in friendly house competitions and social events such as dinner and movie nights.

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